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We do all the projects on our own. No better way to learn your boat and not have someone else create another project. We learned our lesson....

Engine Repower 2014
Dropped the keel 2016
New Iverson Dodger, Bimini and Solar Panels. 2017

Hired Iversons Designs for designing and installing our beautiful Dodger and Bimini. Thanks to all our family and friends that gifted us money for getting married, and understood that we needed a dodger more than a traditional wedding!

Heading 1

Pacific Cup Projects April 2018

We dropped the Rudder, replaced bearings, Reinforced the Rudder Shoe to beef it up and put Humpty Dumpty all back together again! 5 weeks of boat yard work in rain, hail and relentless wind... But it was all worth it.

Mast and Rudder down!

Rudder and bearing realignment.

Rudder shoe reinforced with a new Bearing.

Faring the skeg.

Project finished!

New personally designed forestay chainplate, bow roller and anchor with electric windlass, Seldon removable bowsprit pole, inner forestay deck attachment and custom machined masthead sheaves. 

Out with the old and rusty....

Bring in the strong and shiny!

Masthead removal.

New non squeeky aluminum sheaves. 

The To do list... 

Major Projects:

Forestay chainplate. INSTALL. make mockup out of plywood.  installed!

Seldon gennaker bowsprit kit. Installed.

Furler forestay extension strap. Done.

New Bottom paint.SR60. DONE

New RG-213 VHF CABLE. installed.

Drop Rudder inspect rudder post and bearings. DONE.

Remove mast and masthead ( re-anodize mast-head). replace halyard sheaves. DONE.

New Spinnaker halyard strap to prevent chafe. installed.

lube and service seacocks and thruhulls (install 3/4in thruhull for saltwater foot pump). DONE

Inspect port chainplate. DONE

Install inner forestay. DONE

Gooseneck Garhauer aluminum purchase 2.Done.

Boom Vang attachment to Boom purchase 2 Done.

New rivets for mainsheet attachement to boom. Installed.

Solar Panels install. DONE

Iridiumgo Antenna and finish installation. DONE.

Conduit for electrical wires in steering column. DONE

New SS life lines. Done.

Install Electric Windlass ( before hawaii?) Done.

New VHF antennae. Done.

New cheek blocks and gelcoat repair. Done

New adjustable jib sheet cars. Done.

New anchor to measure fitting for final bow roller/forestay. ARRIVED

On and off Hull, Buff and Wax Hull Done.

Re-torque keel bolts. Done.


Small projects done before July 9:

Fill both propane tanks before trip


Store anchor and chain at stern of boat for race. Done

Short pendant to raise jib 120 off of deck. Done.

Storage/organizer bags for stern pulpit. Done.

replace impeller Done.

Tune rig before race. Done.

Webbing line to tie down mast to mast step. DONE

Make ditch bag per race standards.Done.

Store emegency water for race rules. 1 gallon each cover plastic jugs to protect from chafe. Done.

Varnish areas in need. Done.

spare navigation lights ( masthead) installed.

Replace windex Done.

Safety diagram : Done.

2 watertight flashlights per race rules. Purchased.


Treat water tanks and plumbing flush 1/2 cup each tank before a sail Done.

Sew leg straps in Life Jacket andy (Matt) Done.

Oil change sail drive Done.

Saildrive antifouling paint Done.

Saildrive Zincs Done.

Prop Zincs Done.

Lazzarette leashes with carabiner Done.

Repair and fix stack pack Ordered webbing,Zipper, clips and new stackpack lines Done.

Cockpit speakers Done.

Repair wood hand rail Done.

Better fridge insulation, replace foam stripping ( stripping purchased ) Done.


Fridge shelf install Done.

Install better shelf system for hanging locker above fridge Done.

Make another lee cloth for starboard berth (sail numbers on cloth) Done.

Whisker pole attachment replace lines and line cleats, drill out rivets. Done.


Sew new mast track slugs on Trisail Done.

Sew hanks and remove luff tape on storm jib needs head pendant, maybe foot pendant Done.

Hatch Board lanyard, lock installed make lanyards Done.


Repaint transom name. Done.

Remove unnecessary items from boat  Done.

Interior speakers  Done.

New topping lift halyard Done.

Check and fix chafe on running backstays Done.

2 Buckets of at least 2 gallon capacity with attached lanyards Done.

Radar reflector Done.

Toerail soft shackel chafe protection (sew leather) Done.


Purchase items:


Water treatment tablets

Upholstery waterproof covers purchased

Paper chart of the pacific and Kaneohe Bay. purchased

Baking dish silicone must fit oven purchased

Passage proof Galleyware set of four plates, bowls and silverware ( Mary)Purchased

Medical kit Mary is bringing Done

Portable DVD player HDMI outlet (for night watches) Done

New anchor and chain and anchor rode 220 Primary / 170 Secondary (20ft Chain both) Done

Purchase non friction rings Done

Cabin fans. Installed.

Sail repair kit. Made.

Biodegradable wet wipes Done.

Hand sanitizer Done

Single ply TP and paper bags for bathroom trash Done


Blue lizard sunblock Purchased.

2 more comfy cockpit seat cushions west marine Purchased.

Strong spot/ search light use our divelight? move divelights to boat

Purchase sea anchor/drogue  Purchased.

New sail gloves ( ironclad?) (Waterproof alaskan fishing gloves) purchased.

FRUIT AND VEGE nets. purchased 2.

Extra halyard line. ORDERED.

New mainsheet line. ORDERED.

New size up mainsheet snapshackle, ORDERED.

Head lube Purchased.

New Xtratuff boots So sticky!! Done.

Fire blanket on boat Purchased.

Cockpit knife on boat. Purchased.

100 feet 3/16 amsteel spectra Purchased.

Life raft approved for Race Purchased.

Ditch Bag Purchased.

Life Sling with strobe/light Purchased.

Sunbrella waterproof treatment spray Purchased.

Plexus spray cleaner Purchased.

New dish cleaner sponge and biodegradable dish soap Purchased.

Aluminum foil Purchased.

Rubber Bucket Purchased.



Practice Items:


Sail with storm jib and trysail Done.

Video and practicing steering with drogue ( upload onto Pac cup site). Done.

Video MOB drill (upload onto PAC cup site) Done.

Sail in high winds test new inner forestay and storm sails. Done.

Tiller Steering check length of tiller Done.