The Sundermier's

We have never sailed across an ocean or sailed in a race... Well, why not do the Pacific Cup and tackle them both at the same time!

Andy Sundermier
Boat Owner and Crew

The " Favorite" Sundermier son. Old boat do it yourself extraordinaire. Loves to steal his wife's ideas because he often forgets his own. Saves cats from burning buildings. Loves Sriracha. Mountain and rock climber, scuba diver, traveler and explorer. Perfect! Perfect in every way!

Tessa Sundermier
Boat owner and Crew

"A gentlemen never sails to windward." She's ok with that since a wild woman does! Married to Andy and forced him into buying an old project boat for her birthday. Afraid of hitting a whale while sailing. May have to shave her head after day 7 of the race or switch to dreadlocks to tame the curly tresses.

Mary Sundermier

Incredible multi-tasker. Can even steer the helm with a broken finger and a glass of champagne in hand. Using this Pacific crossing adventure to escape her three children, and seek some peace and quiet. Mary is to blame for coming up with idea of entering in the Pacific Cup.

Matt Sundermier

The "Other Favorite" Sundermier son. Real Estate entrepreneur extraordinaire. When he's not selling a home he's chasing his youngest of three children at the airport or ski resort. Matt is counting down the days until he purchases his own sailboat and sails the Caribbean with his family.

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